The following is a quick story / timeline about how I actually learned of and then came into possession of the featured car. What makes the story quite interesting is that it all happened within 14 hours.

Saturday, April 6, 2002

10:40 am - Well it all started on the way to the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing, EMMR, (Harrisburg, PA), for their 2002 Season Opener. I had been looking for a midget for quite some time and just located a potential car the week prior. So I made plans to travel to Chicago, IL to see the car. I was scheduled to leave Sunday morning after our trip to EMMR. While on way to the museum I showed my dad, who was accompanying me to the museum, some info about a car for sale that I had received from a good friend from the museum. I had tried to contact the person who listed the ad during the week but no success.

A few seconds after reviewing the ad my father said, "hey this really looks like a good one". So - while driving - I began to dial. This time I did get someone on the phone who was not the owner but representing the owner. He stated an approximate price, location of the car and the owners dire need to sell the car.

11:00 am - What better luck than being on our way to a museum where the best of the best are gathering to discuss old race cars. They all looked at the ad and also stated, "you have to go see it".

Well - with a flight scheduled for the next morning my schedule was tight but it was doable - plus if this car was the one I did not want to put a deposit on the one in Chicago - what a predicament - well I guess it is obvious what happened.

Yep - I went - and it was an adventure...

1:15 pm - Started the long 2 hour+ drive from the museum back home, (Delaware County, PA), to drop my dad off who had prior commitments as well as to get a few supplies.

3:20 pm - Arrived in Delaware County, PA

4:00 pm - Left on trip to Princess Anne, MD.

4:50 pm - Got slightly lost, (it seems I missed route 13 and went too far west).

8:30 pm - Arrived at garage of owner and started to look at car. I brought with me a few phone numbers of potential former drivers that I got from great people at the museum. I called those phone numbers and at least one former driver was able to verify that the car was the car it was said to be. A selling price was established with the owner. Since it was a Saturday night there was no possible way to get a cashiers check, so I planned to picked the car up next week.

9:00 pm - Decided to stay in town to take a few photos in the day light. Canceled flight since there was now no need to go to Chicago, IL.

11:59 pm - Finally settled in at hotel in town, (Econo Lodge).

Sunday, April 7, 2002

7:30 am - Woke up, contacted owner - she stated she would be ok with personal check since the car is located so far from my home.

7:40 am - Started preparation to bring the car home with me! Had to find a local shop that carried a ball mount for my truck hitch - I had not anticipated to take it home with me. As it turns out I did have my portable air tank with me which I used to put air in the trailer tires, (Yes - it came with the trailer). I added in some fix-a-flat for good measure.

12:30 pm - Took possession of the car.

1:00 pm - Left Princess Anne, MD for Delaware County, PA.

4:50 pm - Arrived home.

5:30 pm - Washed car

7:30 pm - Off loaded car, put in garage, rested...